Sky Fitness Programs

Step up your game, there’s something for everyone.

One on One

Our personalized training sessions provide you with a unique fitness experience tailored to your specific goals, fitness level, and preferences. During your session, you’ll work with one of our experienced personal trainers in a private gym, at your home, or online. Your trainer will guide you through exercises, correct your form and technique, and offer motivation and support throughout the workout.

Group Fitness

Our classes offer a fun and energetic workout environment where you can exercise with a community of like-minded individuals. Led by our experienced and certified fitness instructors, our group classes offer a variety of workouts, including cardio, strength training, and dance, that cater to different fitness levels and interests. Our instructors provide modifications and progressions to ensure everyone can participate at their own pace and intensity.

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Walking Club

Our walking club offers a fun and social way to stay active and healthy while exploring your local area. Our walking club is open to all fitness levels, and we welcome anyone who enjoys walking and being outdoors. Walks are held at various locations and distances, ranging from leisurely strolls to more challenging hikes. You can expect to meet new people, enjoy the beauty of nature, and get in great shape. Our walking club is a great way to improve your cardiovascular fitness, strengthen your bones and muscles, and reduce stress and anxiety. Walking is a low-impact exercise that is easy on the joints and suitable for all ages.


Our assessment offers a comprehensive evaluation of your physical abilities and limitations, and provides personalized recommendations to improve your overall health and well-being. Our experienced and certified fitness professionals conduct a series of tests to assess your strength, flexibility, balance, and cardiovascular fitness. These tests are safe, non-invasive, and tailored to your specific needs and abilities. Based on the results of your assessment, we develop a customized exercise and lifestyle plan that considers your current health status, medical history, and fitness goals. Our program aims to help you maintain your independence, reduce the risk of falls and injuries, and enhance your quality of life. We believe that regular physical activity, tailored to your needs and abilities, is an essential component of healthy aging. 

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Train the Trainer

Enhance your knowledge, skills, and expertise in the field of fitness training. Our program offers a range of workshops and courses that cover topics such as exercise science, anatomy and physiology, program design, nutrition, and business management. Our experienced and knowledgeable trainers provide personalized coaching and feedback to help you improve your teaching and training techniques, as well as stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends and best practices.Whether you’re a seasoned trainer looking to expand your skills or a new trainer looking to start your career, our Train the Trainer program can help you achieve your professional goals. J

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